DIY of the week...from drab to dotty

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Engineering Man was gone playing ARMY this weekend, so Mini #1 and I had bonding time as I painted the dresser.  He ended up "painting" his bed while I painted the polka dota. And needless to say, but we both slaved for hours.

And when I mean hours, I mean HOURS.

I then used 5 different sizes of tupperware lids to draw circles sporadically across the dresser front, sides and top.

Each color took approximately 45 minutes. 

Multiply that times 5 different colors...you get hours.
(I'm definitely NOT a math wiz)

I had to mix the blue paint with some already on hand. Again, because I'm a cheapskate.  I'm excited I got fairly close to the original color in the room.

I also matched the yellow to the yellow in the room with a paint strip.

Now, just wish me luck on the bed.  Mini #1 was wonderful enough to add his own artwork to the wood so when I'm upholstering it, I can be entertained.

He even helped me out by providing a little extra lighting from his "head helmet" when I was taking the final picutre. 

He's so good to me.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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