DIY of the week...finalizing Mini #1's bed

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Last weekend when at home, Engineering Man and I stopped by a Wal-Mart that still ACTUALLY sells fabric.  We picked up some upholstry fabric and a High Lot bag of batting.

Friday night Engineering Man took off to a scary movie...um, yea, won't find me there (but that's a different blog post)...I stayed back and used my stapler to finish up Mini #1's bed.

After rolling out the batting, I cut two strips 20 inches wide.  (Quick reminder that the sides of the bed are 15 inches tall)

Then rolled the strips so that there were two rolls easily portable and to work with as I covered the bed.

I started just past one corner to keep the seam from being on the corner.

I ran both of the long pieces around the sides, and of course, they weren't long enough.  I used the extra pieces left over to cover the last few inches.

At each of the corners I tucked and stapled to keep the corner tight.

I followed behind the batting with the upholstry fabric, again cutting it to 20 inch pieces.

And again..I didn't have enough to go all the way around the bed.  I could have...I was just cheap and only bought enough fabric.  To keep the edges looking right, I stapled down my "extra" pieces first so that I could use the long pieces to cover the short pieces.

After the short pieces were stapled on, I took the end of one of the long pieces and flipped it so that the "outside" was actually backward against the batting.

I then stapled the piece down on the "inside" of the bed so that the staple would show.  I then flipped the material and ran it so the "outside" was now showing; stapling along the way to hold it in place. I know that doesn't make much sense, but just go with it.  The one thing I highly recommend is stapling one side of the batting down.  Then, follow on the other side, pulling tight across the bed frame as you go.

It helped take out the wrinkles in the material.  :)

Saturday afternoon when Engineering Man got off work (yes, I said Saturday), he stopped by the mattress store and picked up Mini #1's mattress.

Mini #1 was thrilled.

I used my decorating style (HA!) and finished the bed.

Mini #1 actually slept in it, and has so far enjoyed it.  I've liked it because it's helped him get rid of his paci!

The other weekend DIY is going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Nothing extraordainary.  Just a lot of nesting!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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