Friday's Favorites...an intro to my world...

Published on 4.15.2011 in ,

UPDATE:  Because of the awful weather here they're not coming....


Mrs. P and Little Miss P are coming today.

Yep, they're making the trip from the big bad city and driving gravel roads to see me.

...I love her!...

And Little Miss P is going to be introduced to tractors, 4-wheelers, cows, dogs, dirt, and what darkness is really like.

If you've never been in the country at night, you should go.  Take the family, head out on a clear night and go look at the stars.

Be at least 10 miles from a city...or it doesn't work.  You will be amazed at the sky.

...anyway, so my favorite today is the fact that my two worlds are going to collide...

Little Miss P will LOVE being barefoot by the end of the trip, and won't want to leave the rickety bridge!


My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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