DIY of the week...art for Mini #2's room

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My in-laws replaced the windows in their house and gave me the old ones to use.

As per my previous entry on Mini #2's room, I wanted to add some art above a shelf Engineering Man hung above the changing table.

With Mini #1's help and a little rearranging, I think I'm finally happy with the outcome.

First, I set Mini #1 up with the colors that I wanted the window to be and let him at it.

He enjoyed himself.

Then, I took it upon myself to add some flourishes, and a few more paint splatters...
...and finished off by painting the frame a dark khaki.
I had Engineering Man move the other piece of art I had in the room to over the shelf, and put Mini #1's artwork above the table and lamp.

So...does this mean I'm ready for Mini #2?  Well, the room is...

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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