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For those who love the blogosphere, most of you already know Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  Her blog has won bloggies for the past few years, including Blog of the Year.  She's basically fabulous, and has a LOT of people following her.

One of the main reasons, I got started on her blog was her photography tutorials. 

That, and the fact that she would record her burps.


Anyway, back to the point.

Recently she's been having photography contests on her site.  Basically, you upload photos to her Flickr group based on the theme contest that she's having that week. Usually, any given contest there has thousands of entries, and about 50 - 75 chosen as group finalists.  The groups are then narrowed down to one group of finalists, and a winner is chosen.

This week the theme is Americana, and as always, I entered a photo.

But this time...well, this time...I'M A GROUP FINALIST!!  Woohoo.
Saw the post this morning and just about peed my pants.

Check out her blog and see the AMAZING photography submitted by her readers.  It's just awesome, and very awe inspiring. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be a part of it!

Oh...and gotta love that the one person in my life who probably has no clue what a blog is, is featured on one of the best out there...Congrats Dad!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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