DIY of the week...a child's tutu

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It was little miss P's birthday on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I was under strict orders from Mrs P that she had more clothes than she would ever need. Since I've got two boys, this was one of the few times I could buy girly stuff.

So...I made a tutu.

It's not "technically" clothes, but I did get to be girly for a morning. :)

Here's my supplies:

Pinking shears
craft glue
measuring tape
2 yards of tulle

I started by cutting the elastic to 20 inches.

Since I didn't have little miss P's measurements I used Mini #2 as a guide. HA! Oh, and it fits just fine.

I then cut two 12 inch strips of ribbon for the ties.

I used Quick Hold craft glue instead of sewing the ties onto the elastic. This way, if it didn't fit, it'd be easy to change.

Directions say to put a thin amount on each item you want to put together, let it cure for 2 minutes, and then press the items together.

Please ignore the nails that need to be desperately manicured.

Then, I laid out the tulle and doubled it over, twice. Basically, there are four layers of tulle to each strip cut.

I then cut the tulle into 2 inch strips. I tried to use the pinking shears, but they didn't seem to go through the tulle well. They weren't sharp enough; so I stayed with the scissors.

Since the tulle was layered, I had to cut through the doubling so the ends would "poof" after the tulle was tied to the elastic.

After the strip had been cut, I just tied it in a knot on the elastic band, keeping the knot on the "outside" of the band.

This way, the inside of the tutu, what's next to the body, is flat and comfortable.

Of course I had leftover ribbon, so I ended tied a few pieces through to give the tutu it's Jayhawk appeal.

I also ended up making a couple bows to go with the tutu. I used my bow tying skills from floral class to tie the ribbon into small bows...

...and then making them barrettes by sticking an old barrette into the back of the knot.

And now...because I know everyone likes a good cost breakdown...here's the info:

2 yards of tulle - $1.54
elastic - $.32
2 spools of ribbon - $2.00
scissors - already owned
craft glue - already owned
measuring tape - already owned
clip barrettes - already owned
For a grand total of - $3.86

Hope you love your gift Little Miss P!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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