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Mini #1 wanted to wish a very 


to one of his very favorite people in the whole wide world.


Mini #1 misses her...and even asked Engineering Man if she could come over Friday night to spend time with him.

A little background on Sissy and Mini #1.  She was homeschooled and used to be a "nanny" of sorts to Mini #1.  When I began work, Sissy came to the house and was with Mini #1 every single day, all day.  

And he loved it.

Now, Sissy is growing up, going to college and had to get a "big girl" job.  :(  

Thus, Mini #1 asks frequently as to where she is, and wishes he could go to school too.

So, Happy Birthday Sissy!  We love you and all miss you!!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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