Monday's Shopping Spree - 8/8

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Has anyone else noticed how at the beginning of the month all these bills are due??


Anyway, I kept this week's couponing down to just the really great deals and the essentials.

The stuff:

1 60 count bag of Pampers Swaddlers (not for me; gift)
1 10 count of mechanical pencils
1 Lipstick
1 bottle of nail polish
hair ties
3 lbs hamburger
4 lbs deli meat
2 boxes Ziploc
2 Lunchables
3 bottles dish soap
1 box butter
1 gal milk
2 bags of chips
2 boxes Gogurt
1 cup yogurt
(Not pictured)
2 12 count toilet paper
Rio Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack

(OK...so the last thing wasn't essential...but it was date night and the boys needed something to do.)

The numbers:
Total amount before savings: $116.70
Store coupons/discounts: $6.07
Bonus coupons (double/triple): $4.00
Manufacturing coupons: $17.20
Price matching discounts: $19.99

TOTAL spent: $70.61
Savings of: $46.09 or 40%

I was slightly disappointed in this, as I shoot for a 50-60% savings...but then I remembered that I'd bought diapers, toilet paper, a Blu-Ray and 4 lbs of lunch meat, that together without coupons would have cost $67.66, or approximately my overall total. That made me a little happier.

Best deals:
NYC nail polish: $.93+$1 coupon = $.07 profit
NYC lip stick: $.93+$1 coupon = $.07 profit
Charmin 12-ct toilet paper: $8.49; on sale $5.99+$1 store coupon+$.25 coupon (tripled) = $4.24
1 lb Land O' Frost premium deli meat: $3.98; pm'd to $2+$.55 mftng coupon = $1.45
Dannon Greek Yogurt: $1; Yahtzee coupon for item = FREE

and my favorite of the week...
Papermate 10 count mechanical pencils: $2.29; pm'd to $.39+$1 coupon = $.61 profit

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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