Friday's Favorites: my new favorite word...awesome

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So the past few weeks have been quite the roller coaster.  So much has happened lately that I'm just not sure what else can happen. Engineering Man described me best as "a saturated sponge that just can't absorb any more." Thus as stuff keeps happening, I've adopted a new mantra...Awesome.

And stuff still keeps happening.  What you might ask?

The insurance company received the bill for mini #2, but EM's benefits department hadn't added him yet.  All our bills are about $2000 more than they should be.


Mini #1 decided the other day to sleep in our bed for his nap.  Three hours later he woke up after peeing the bed.


The next day he decided to sleep in his bed for a nap.  EM didn't have him pee before he went down.  Three hours later he woke up after peeing the bed.


I then forgot to change the sheets before we took him to bed.  I was making the bed and he woke up pissed.  And then Mini #2 woke up...pissed.


I proceeded to break a plate.


And most importantly...the thing that started it all...EM wrecked his car.  According to him, the car and the median got into a fight and the median won.


It's not drivable which means he's driving my car; which means I don't have a car.


The adjuster came and said it would be about $4,500 worth of damage.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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