Mini Conversations

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Listening to your almost 3-year-old talk to your newborn is a learning adventure.

What do you learn? What you say way too much.

Overheard as I was walking down the stairs:
"Be patient buddy. Mommy has to play with me first and then she'll come take care of you."

Overheard as we were pulling into the driveway:
"It's OK buddy. We're almost home."

Overheard as Mini #2 was screaming:

Overheard as Mini #2 was waking up:
"Good morning buddy."

Overheard as Mini #2 and daddy walked in the door:
"Hi buddy."

Overheard as a friend came by to meet Mini #2:
"This is my baby brother."

Overheard as I was getting ready for work:
*kiss* "I love you."

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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