Last minute holiday wrapping...

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Within the past few months I learned a quick and easy way to wrap shirts, pants, and other "soft" gifts.  

The best part about it?  They look like giant pieces of candy.

So, for those out there that still have a giant stack of presents to wrap, here's the details.

First...lay out a piece of cellophane.

Then lay out a double layer of any color tissue paper.  To keep with my holiday wrapping theme I chose green.

Fold your clothing item and place in the middle on the bottom half of the cellophane/tissue.

Then, roll the item up like a tootsie roll. 

Double over the end of the paper and tape in the middle and on each "end" of the item you're wrapping.

Cut two pieces of ribbon. 

Flip the item over and grab the end of the paper and tie the end.

Do the same to the other and...done!

Happy wrapping.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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