Friday's Favorites...Mini #2 makes an appearance

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WARNING: Wordy post, no pictures.  I was not about to be photographed during labor, and needless to say, I was not interested in taking pictures at the time.

Last Thursday, Engineering Man and I went out on a date.  Little did we know that it wold be our last date for a while.

As we were finishing eating, I started to get regular contractions.  Nothing bad, and actually, I'd had worse.  Braxton Hicks were not nice to me.

After eating, I picked up Mini #1 from a friend, and happened to say that I'd been having pretty regular contractions, but didn't really think much about it.

That night as the two of us were sitting around, and I was still enduring contractions, EM happened to say..."I'm not sure if I like the name we have picked out for a boy."

Let's just say my response was typical of a 38.5 week pregnant woman with raging hormones, exhaustion, and desperation.

After going through 182 pages of virtually every boys name in the world, we decided to keep the one we had.

And I was still having contractions.  

11:30 rolled around and I wanted to go to bed.  Contractions seemed to be getting closer, and a little stronger.  After a shower, things weren't getting better.  

2 a.m. rolled around and I was still awake.  And in pain.  

3 a.m. rolled around and we were off to the hospital.

I was dilated to a 2, fully effaced, and bulging.  

After walking around for two hours, puking twice, and enduring some sucky labor, I was still dilated to a 2, fully effaced and bulging.

Insert a repeat of the word I said when EM told me he didn't like the baby's name.

The resident sent me home at 6:30 a.m. with Benadryl, water, a Loratab, and instructions to see my doctor at 9.  Let's just say I wasn't happy.

EM and I got home around 7 and crashed.  8:30ish he took Mini #1 to our friends' house, and came to pick me up.  We headed to the doctor's.  

**Here I would like to apologize to the people in my doctor's office.  Usually I am very put together, on time, and happy-go-lucky.  I wasn't that day, and I apologize if I was rude.**

My doctor's nurse asked if I could leave a urine sample, (HAHAHAHAHA), and I told her no.  

My doctor walked into the office, and proceeded to say, "I apologize for having the resident send you home, but I wanted to make sure you were in actual labor.  By the way you look right now, you're in labor." 

No kidding.

Thankfully, I was dilated to a 4, so he could immediately set my c-section and we could go to the hospital.  God was smiling on me.

We headed back to the hospital, and went back upstairs to prep for surgery.  The hospital we went to is a teaching hospital.  Needless to say, there were a LOT of people around.  My nurse had a nurse she was training, my anesthesiologist was teaching someone, my surgeon was teaching someone, and there were approximately 5 other people in the surgical room.


Mini #2 made his appearance at 12:05 p.m.  He screamed, and that was about the end of the crying he did for a few days.  He seemed fairly content to just be on the outside.  I was too.

The two days in the hospital were wonderful.  EM, Mini #2 and I bonded watching the Olympics and healing.  We enjoyed the quiet time and loved having no rushing around to do.  Well, at least I didn't have any rushing around.  :)

Mini #1 met Mini #2 on Sunday, and thought he was pretty cool.  Mini #1 did not understand what Mini #2 found so fascinating about mom's boobs, but he did think my scar was cool. 

Now I'll be enjoying the next 6 weeks at home.  I'm going to try to keep the blog up on a daily basis, but life might get in the way.  It will definitely NOT be updated by 9 a.m. every day, as I'm hoping the three of us will still be sleeping then.

Somehow I think I'm dreaming.


Thursday Things I Never Thought I'd Hear...and then I had a Mini #2

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Per Mini #1...

"No, he's MY baby brother."

"Not your baby brother, not daddy's baby brother, not grandma's baby brother...MY baby brother."


DIY of the week...baby blanket for Baby C

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Engineering Man's best friend and his wife are expecting a baby the first part of April.

Last weekend was her baby shower and unfortunately, I wasn't ready or it.

Needless to say, my carpal tunnel had gotten in the way of finishing her baby blanket.  So I showed her the "unfinished" portion, and finished it while there, before the shower.


Hormones and the Olympics

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I started crying the other day watching the Olympics.  What made me tear up?

The Opening ceremonies?    No.

The Nordic skiier's story of how he came back to the sport after fracturing his skull?     No.

Hearing the story of the athlete killed while doing time trials for the luge?     No.

It was the P&G commercial about mothers.

It still makes me choke up.

Check it out here:


Monday's weekend in review...

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Our weekend started early because Mini #2 decided he was done being squished in my body.


So, the weekend included this...

...a "first" bath...


...the darker side to having a baby...

...lots of sleep...

..snuggle time with daddy...

...finding something to suck on...
...going home to meet Mini #1...
,,,kisses from big brother...

...one more added to the family...

...and the awesomeness of being able to watch the Olympics non-stop while in the hospital!!


Friday's Favorites...has been interrupted

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...to bring you Mini #2!

Born today to a very surprised mommy who endured labor (gasp) and then did a c-section.  

Anyone who does a vaginal birth...I tip my hat to you!

Mini #1 has since the beginning of my pregnancy said he wanted a baby sister.

This morning he told daddy he wanted a baby brother.  Guess children's intuition is right!


Thursday Things I Never Thought I'd Hear...and then I was pregnant with another mini

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One of the drawbacks of the baby slowly sinking is I can't eat as much. 

I was sitting at lunch with Mini #1, and had finished eating because I was full, but had a few things left on my plate.


"No, bubba.  I'm full.  I'm all done eating."

"No mommy...baby's hungry.  You need to eat."

Thanks kid.


Word association...3rd trimester version

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foot...rib cage

2 pm...Sonic Happy Hour


road trip...bathroom breaks

food...yes, please

sleep...pillows, lots of pillows

chocolate...yes, please



...please add any I may have forgotten!


My Valentine's Day presents

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I actually got two Valentine's Day presents from Engineering Man, Mini #1 and Mini #2.

The first, according to EM, was something I didn't know I needed yet, but I would want.

It was my mother's ring for Mini #2.
Mini #1's ring was my first Mother's Day present, and EM went back to the place we got it so that it would match.  The rings are stackable, so I'll be able to wear them together. 

I always wanted stackable rings so that each child could have their own back someday.  I mean really, who wants a ring from their mom that has their siblings birthstones in it?

My other present was this:

Yep, that's right.  It's a 2010 Mazda CX-9.

All I can say is that I'm spoiled.


Monday's weekend in review...

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The weekend included a Valentine's Day card from Papa and Grandma...
...a trip to the zoo to see elephants...


...to go off-roading in the snow piles...
...gorillas (Mini #1 thought their butts were funny)...
...Valentine's Day Eve spent at the car dealership...
...oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars...
...the Olympics...

...and exchanging Valentine's presents (see this week's posts for further details).


Happy Valentine's Day...

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...from our house to yours. 
May you enjoy all the love and happiness being around your family, friends and significant others may bring.


Friday's Favorite Things...Zenni Optical

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My eyesight is AWFUL.  Since the third grade I've worn glasses. In 8th grade I finally bought contacts and have worn them since.  After that point glasses were a luxury and not really a necessity.  I'd wear them every once in a while in the evenings and when I ran out of contacts and forgot to buy new. 

I've had a pair of glasses since fall of my senior year of college...2003.  Yep, that's right.  Six years...one pair of glasses.

Mini #1 broke them...six months ago.

After using one pair of glasses in six years and rarely wearing them, I wasn't too keen on dropping $100 on something that I really don't use that often.  Especially since I hadn't worn them for the past six months.  But with Mini #2 quickly working on an appearance, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make the purchase.

Enter Zenni Optical (http://www.zennioptical.com/).

I'd read across the blogosphere how Zenni Optical sold glasses for $8.

Yep, $8.

And that included prescription lenses.

Needless to say, I was a skeptic, but figured that I might as well try it.

I asked my eye doctor for my prescription and ordered a pair online.  With shipping and handling, the total came to $12.95. I spend more at McDonalds when we go as a family than $12.95.

I was even more of a skeptic.

But then the glasses came 10 days later.  And didn't feel cheap.  And the prescription was right.  And looked decent. And came with a cleaning cloth and a hard case.

I think they're a little too wide for my face, but nothing that I won't wear.  And truthfully, for as often as I use them, they're just fine.

Besides, they cost $12.95.

Now seriously, how can you beat that?

*Zenni Optical has not paid me for saying this; but i feel like I got paid since I saved more than $85.


Thursday Things I Giggle When I Hear...

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Week 37's been brutual.  Exhaustion has crept in and over lunch one day I desperately needed a nap to make it through work the rest of the day.

Mini #1 walked in to the bedroom as I was laying down for my quickie nap, and said the following:

"Mommy, what you doing?"

"I'm sleeping buddy.  I'm tired."

"You tired mommy?"

"Yes buddy."

"Baby bothering you mommy?"

"Yes buddy."

"You take a nap, Mommy?"

"Yes, buddy. Can you go find Sissy?  Mommy really wants to sleep."

"Sure Mommy."

I breathed a sigh of relief and snuggled deeper under the covers.

And then I heard the following said to our dog who was curled up on the floor in our room...

"ORION.  Come out NOW.  Mommy trying to sweep.  Be beawy tuiet."


Wednesday Words of Wisdom

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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!', but 'That's funny...'- Isaac Asimov


DIY of the week...license plate art

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I've had one wall in my basement that's above Mini #1's toys that I have had major problems decorating.  It's not a well lit corner and is a long skinny space.  Because of the placement, above the toys, I haven't wanted to hang anything heavy, just in case it does fall, or if the mini ones decide to start banging on it.

My grandmother-in-law has the same taste as I in decorating (ecclectic/antique/country) and I told her my idea for using license plates as wall art. 

Ever since I told her, Grandma N has been on the hunt for license plates.  Needless to say, I got just the start I needed for Christmas from her.  And...appropriately enough, she found old Kansas and Nebraska license plates to match my Husker/Jayhawk theme in the basement.

To minimize the holes in the wall, Engineering Man told me to tie the plates together.  Basically this dropped the number of holes by half.

I used the screw holes in the plates, and fishing line to hold  the piece together.

Basically creating a web, and a way to "add" to the collection by just tying other plates to the bottom of the second row.
Definitely better than the blank canvas wall it was before.
Thanks Grandma!!


Monday's weekend in review...

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The weekend included a two hour drive to a giant pancake...

...a tractor hauling fish mints...

...a cream tower...

...a baby shower (for a friend)...
...a wine party...
...and the Superbowl.

Yes, I'm exhausted.  When's Friday again?


Friday's Least Favorite Things...carpal tunnel

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This pregnancy one of the side affects of the increased blood volume has been carpal tunnel...in both hands.

I have to sleep with one of these on both my hands...

...or I wake up with my fingertips, hands, arms, and sometimes even my elbows asleep. 

The next few weeks cannot go fast enough.


Thursday Things I'd Never Thought I'd Hear...and then

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On a snowy morning I asked Mini #1 if he wanted to go outside to play in the snow.

His reply?

"No.  It's poop outside."

Ah...classic.  At least he didn't cuss.


Wednesday Words of Wisdom...

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A friend of mine once told me that whenever you're stressed, frustrated, and feel like you'll flip out on the next person who even acknowledges your existence, to sing "Jesus Loves Me."

Her reasoning?  How can you possibly stay mad when you sing "Jesus Loves Me."

I don't think she ever took into account the times when the reason you need to sing the song is a two-year-old loudly screaming in your ear, "Jesus loves me...dis I know...fer da Bible tells me so..." as you are trying to talk on the phone.

I may need to rethink my stress relieving tactic...


DIY of the week...art for Mini #2's room

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My in-laws replaced the windows in their house and gave me the old ones to use.

As per my previous entry on Mini #2's room, I wanted to add some art above a shelf Engineering Man hung above the changing table.

With Mini #1's help and a little rearranging, I think I'm finally happy with the outcome.

First, I set Mini #1 up with the colors that I wanted the window to be and let him at it.

He enjoyed himself.

Then, I took it upon myself to add some flourishes, and a few more paint splatters...
...and finished off by painting the frame a dark khaki.
I had Engineering Man move the other piece of art I had in the room to over the shelf, and put Mini #1's artwork above the table and lamp.

So...does this mean I'm ready for Mini #2?  Well, the room is...


Monday's weekend in review...

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The weekend included a visit from cousins... 

...hide and go seek...
...tackling Engineering Man...
...more painting...
...Mini #1 painting...
...and a very relaxing Sunday at home.