Merry Christmas...

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...from our house to yours.

May your holidays be as blessed as ours are and may the true reason of the season remind you of why the hustle and bustle is so worth the celebration. 

I'll be smiling through tears this holiday season.  My grandfather went to spend Christmas in heaven this morning.  According to Mini #1, he wanted to celebrate Jesus' birthday with him.

Once again, a Mini has put it all in perspective.


Hot chocolate...and the coolest cups

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This weekend as Sissy (Luke's nanny) and I were baking, Mini #1 and Engineering Man enjoyed glasses of hot chocolate.

Engineering Man had just received a Nebraska Cornhusker shot glass from Sissy.

Mini #1 decided to put it to good use.

I giggled as they filled their cups...

...toasted "cheers"...

...and said "ahhh" after a satisfying sip of their "coffee". 

I love the holidays!!


DIY of the week...holiday baking with Sissy

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Sissy is Mini #1's nanny.  She's been with us since I was first hired.  Basically almost 2 years now.

She really is "Sissy".

And she's also an awesome holiday elf.

With the following ingredients...

...we made this....

...and this...

...and these...

...and this...

The sugar cookies had fancy decorations...

...that after a while were, well, less than par...

...but fixed by sprinkles...

Even Mini #1 got in on the decorating action.

We had a great time and this 30-week pregnant chick is happy to have an excuse for a little extra holiday weight gain. 


Monday's weekend in review...

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The weekend included this...

...and this...

...and lots of this...

...and some early Christmas presents...

...and hot chocolate!

(Please note the matching cups)


Friday's Favorite Things...Mini #1's Engineering Tendencies

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Saturday as I was cleaning the kitchen, I found Mini #1 here.

Now, one thing you can't see is that he had gotten there on his own, or that he was cleaning out the cabinet.  No big deal, he solves problems...he likes to clean out things.

The thing that surprised me was what he was doing with the stuf he cleaned out.

Yep, that's right, he was placing them in a straight line, "leading" to Orion.

And yes, he put them all in line, including standing up his Pez dispensers.


Santa and Jesus...

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Walking through Wal-Mart not long ago, Mini #1 was "helping" me shop and said hello to a wonderful lady who was shopping.

She acknowledged his hello and proceeded to ask him, "Is Santa Claus coming to your house?"

Mini #1 replied very quickly, "Yep...Happy Birthday!!!!"

As the woman gave me an inquisitive look, I told Mini #1, "Yes, that's right.  Happy Birthday to Jesus."

The woman walked away grinning from ear to ear as she muttered, "Ah, yes.  Happy Birthday Jesus Christ."

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's great to have a small child remind you of the true reason for the season.

And to turn around and say, "But I open presents."


Monday's weekend in review...

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The weekend included this...

...and looking at lots of this...

...and Mini #1's favorite...

...and twelve hours in Koch Arena for WSU Commencement.

Happy Sunday!!


Friday's Favorite Things...97.9 FM

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Ah, Christmas.  The sights, the smells, the SOUNDS.

Yes folks, I'm one of those freaks that starts listening to Christmas stations before Thanksgiving. 

Last year I didn't find a Christmas station in Wichita.  This year I got lucky and happened upon 97.9.


My radio has been tuned to it since Nov. 26. 


A Christmas surprise...and a reminder

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The post office on WSU's campus helps out mini ones and organizes Letters from Santa.

Mini #1 got his in the mail today.

Initially he wasn't too sure about it.

But then he finally got to see the inside.

We proceeded to read it three times.

And it made me realize one more time how much having kids reminds you to enjoy the simple things in life.


Tuesday's DIY of the week...Christmas village

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Every year I do a Christmas village on my buffet in the kitchen.

This year I wanted to add some drama and height to the display.

To do so, I used random boxes, tupperware, and anything else laying around to prop up each of my "houses."

I used an old curtain to act as "snow".

and stuck Christmas lights under the snow to light the entire display.

I love the way it turned out.  Now, if only I could find my favorite tupperware...


Monday's weekend in review...

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The weekend included this...

...and besides the cookies it all got done!

Mini #1 did this...

...and i did this...

...and this...

I officially have the Christmas spirit!


Friday's Favorite Things...sleep

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I'm an event planner.  Yea, that's right.  I get paid to throw parties.  I love my job, really, I do.  The problem comes when I'm on the countdown to my next event.

The main purpose of my job is to coordinate an event that includes approximately 650 "awardees", their families and friends, 20 members of a platform party and 80 volunteers. 

I have this nasty habit that if I'm woken up in the middle of the night, I start thinking about this event.  And everything I'm forgetting.

Mini #1 has a horrible cold, and needless to say decided at 1:15 this morning that he wanted to come sleep with us.  Two hours later I was standing in the kitchen making notes.  Two hours and 10 minutes later I was writing in the dark on the pad of paper next to my bed. (You should see that writing!)

Five hours later I was at the gym.

Five and a half hours later I was at work.

Sleep.  Sleep would be good here.