Thanksgiving Holiday in Review...

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The past few days I've learned that...

...Engineering Man is talented...

...kittens are meant to be dragged around...

...pirates who cook bad soup get shot...

...turning a mixer to "high" when you meant to press "eject" does not have good results...

...premature babies love to snuggle...

...cuckoo clocks are fascinating...

...and four turkey dinners make you sick and tired of turkey...

Being back at work today made me realize how much I can't wait for Christmas break.


We interrupt these Thursday Things to bring you...

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Being Thankful
This Thankgiving, I'm thankful for...

...a husband that understands pregnancy mood swings...

...an adorable son that keeps me on my toes...

...a roof over my head and food on my table...

...friends that would do anything for each other if they asked...

...and a job that sometimes makes me want to hit my head against the wall, but somehow keeps me entertained enough to keep coming back...

What are you thankful for this year?


Adventures of Mini #1 and the camera...

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The following pictures were found on my camera this week:

Apparently Engineering Man and dog noses interested him this week.


DIY of the week..Project #2 from the floral arranging class

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Christmas hit my Holiday Floral Arranging class.

Our second project was a wall hanging/swag for Christmas.

We used fake greenery and I discovered that I love it. The greenery is perfect for adding elements because it already has wire built in. No floral tape and no floral wire needed. Woohoo!

On top of adding holly and a "Christmas" poinsettia, we also added a our very own homemade velvet ribbon.

Uh, yea, never again. Ribbons, yes, but they'll need to be wired. WAY easier.

 The reds in the poinsettia and the red in the velvet don't mesh. I'm planning to replace the poinsettia with a "white" one to make the components more complementary.


Monday's Weekend in Review...

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This weekend included this...

...and this...

...some of this...

...a trip to Topeka to celebrate...

....and wrapped up with this...

Lots of relaxation, lots of laughs, a little cleaning, a little (ok, well A LOT of decorating).

All around, a great way to start off the Thanksgiving week.


Friday's Favorite Things...Mini #1's obsession with my camera

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Mini #1 has decided that since mommy has a camera permenantly attached to her hand, it means that he needs one too.

So, uploading photos from my camera has now become one of my new favorite things.

I get these wonderful gifts popping up that make me giggle...

...and giggle.

Oh the joys of having a mini.

And every once in awhile, he snaps a gem.


Monday's weekend in review...just a few days late

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Our Internet is fixed.  Yes!

So...the weekend including this...

...and this.

A LOT of shopping (no pictures as it included Christmas presents).

Sunday wrapped up with this in my living room...

...with this hidden underneath.

Mini #1 loves tents.


Friday's Favorite Things...shopping with Mini #1

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Mini #1 is a normal 2-year old.  He's not really hyped up on shopping trips.

So, when I do take him, I like to keep our trips short and simple.

While shopping for new bedding for his room, I wanted to take him so he could pick out what he wanted.

Needless to say, he found something he liked, and it turned into a wrestling match in the kids bedding aisle of Target.

"Attention Target shoppers...please do not be alarmed."

"There is a security alert in bedding."

"Please do not be alarmed."

"We have someone on the situation, and it will be under control soon."


Thursday's Things I Never Thought I'd Hear...and then I became a mom

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...I help you cook.


Monday's weekend in review

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I wanted to update my blog Sunday...but the Internet wasn't working.

I wanted to update my blog last night with pictures from the weekend...but the Internet wasn't working.

After 53 minutes on the phone with AT&T this morning, my Internet will again be working Thursday. 

I'll update what I've got this week on my work computer, but any fun pictures are going to have to wait until Thursday.

Until then, you SUCK AT&T...


Friday's Favorite Things...

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I've had a gnat in my car for three days.

It's been one of the most annoying things in the entire world.

Today...I got the gnat. 
Happy Friday!!


My military life...

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I married a military guy. Engineering Man is in the Army National Guard and was recently commissioned as an officer. I enjoy being a military wife, in the sense that I only deal with it on a monthly basis, but it almost broke me once.

Engineering Man and I had been dating about three years when he was called up to serve in Iraq. I don't think civilians realize it, but life is not the same without your spouse/significant other. I had it easy. While Engineering Man was gone I was still single, graduated from college, moved to a new town, started a new job, and lived life according to my own rules. Yes, I missed him desperately, but I did not have to contend with the issues I would have if he left now.

Now, we have a son, a baby on the way, a mortgage, two vehicles, two jobs, life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, softball teams, families, daycare, and the pure fact that he's my husband. I seriously don't know how you all do it.

But I still have the experience of having someone gone. And I don't think deployed soldiers completely understand what it's like to be on the edge of your seat every day.
Waiting for a phone call.
Waiting for an e-mail.
Waiting for the news.
Waiting for the inevitable.

I guess that was the hardest thing for me to do. To cope, I had to come to the terms that he may not return. Something died inside of me then, and I know I'll never get that innocence back. I'll constantly have the thought in my mind that one day I may have to deal with what life throws me without my other half.

In light of today, I just wanted to say thank you to all military personnel.  Whether you are active duty, reserves, or national guard, we thank you for everything you've done.

And to all the families left behind, I want to thank you for letting life be interrupted so that we can have our freedom.


DIY of the week...or, I'm just cheap

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Mom sent me home a new bed spread for the spare bedroom.  Pooch #1 chewed a hole through the old one when he was a puppy.  We got a new one for our bed, but felt it was still good enough for the guests.

Well...unfortunately, the new bedspread and the curtain I had in the rooom did not mesh.  Not at all.

So, being the DIYer that I am, I found a new curtain for the room.

Yep, that's right mom...that's a bed sheet.  Your old maroon bed sheet.

God, I'm cheap.


Monday's weekend in review...or, Turkey Day comes early

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My siblings, their families, and my parents came to town this weekend. We were celebrating Thanksgiving early so we could actually see my sweet, sweet nieces!  Unfortunately 9-10 hours in a car (one way) twice in two months didn't appeal to my brother and sister-in-law.  I helped 'em out by cutting one of those trips in half.

The weekend included this:

 ...and yes, that is water balloons.  75 degree Indian summer was God blessing our weekend!

We also had some of this...

...and a lot of food!

My sister's kids took their Christmas pictures...

...that mini one likes to either be naked or in dress up clothes. Her Christmas dress qualified.

By Sunday everyone was ready for nap. They took off for their respective houses while I settled in for 6 hours of laundry and cleaning.

I wouldn't have traded it for the world.