Friday's Favorites... Mini #1's servant heart

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Monday evening, the boys and I went to Engineering Man's work to eat supper with him since he had to work late.
On the way there, I decided to run an errand.  A gentleman was standing on the side of the road on the off ramp.
"Momma.  What's that guy doing there?  What's his sign say??"
"It says, 'Need a Meal'."
"He's hungry?  Momma, why is he hungry?  Why can't he just go home and make his supper?  Why can't he just go buy some food like we're going to do?  Does he have shelter?  Does he have a home?"
I tried to answer all his questions, but was failing miserably.  He continued.
"That's really sad that he's hungry momma."  (tears started well in his eyes)  "He had a bookbag.  Why do you think he had a bookbag?  Did he have a bookbag because he didn't have a shelter to put all his stuff?  It's really sad if he doesn't have a home momma.  Why's he hungry?...." 
The rant continued through our errand.  At this point, I got it.  God was using my little boy to get my attention.
After completing our errand, Mini #1 asked me where we were going.  I told him that we were going to go eat supper with Daddy, unless he thought we should get the man on the side of the road some food. 
"YES!!!  Let's go to McDonald's Momma.  I love McDonald's so he'll like McDonalds.  I'm sure he's probably been taken care of by someone else, but let's get some food just in case."
And that's what we did. We went through McDonald's drive through, (Mini #2 woke up at this point.  Mini #1 promptly told him, "We're getting food but it's not for us.  It's for a man who's hungry and needs it more.  We'll get food with daddy later.") and then I drove back to the spot where the man was.  Mini #1 promptly yelled out his window.  "HEY!  WE GOT YOU A MEAL!!!" 
The man ran up to the car door, and with tears welling up in his eyes kept saying, "Thank you!" and "God bless you!" over and over.  When we drove away, I saw the man sit down and fold his hands to pray.
Mini #1 was beside himself with happiness.  "WE DID IT MOMMA!  We saved that man!  He's not going to be hungry anymore is he?  Oh, I'm so happy!  Do you think we'll ever see him again?"
"I don't know.  But we'll probably see him in heaven, because I think he believes in Jesus."
At this point, Mini #2 piped up, because he noticed we'd given the man pop.  "We go heaven too momma?"
"Yes buddy, we're going to go to heaven too."
"YEP!  We be good, we go to heaven!  AND we get POP!"

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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