About the feet...

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I don't work - I merely inflict myself upon the public.
- Robert Morley

I'm 28. 
I've been married to my husband for 6 years. 
I have 1.5 2 children, and I'm a stay at home mom who will eventually try to find a part-time job to go along with full-time motherhood. 

This is me.

I'm an event planner by trade, a stay-at-home mom, wanna-be photographer who defines herself as outgoing, personable, softball-loving, prayer-filled, DIYer who's a little bit crazy and a lot OCD.

This is my other half...Engineering Man.

Polar opposite who's an electrical engineer, loves to watch "Through the Wormhole", will one day travel to space and makes my life whole.  This post best describes him.

This is Mini #1...our firstborn.

4-year old prankster who loves getting in trouble, has OCD tendencies, and will most likely follow in his father's footsteps and be an engineer someday.  Does not do well in new situations. He's the star of my "Thursday Things."

This is Mini #2.

At a year old, I've discovered he's been born to give me gray hair early.  Dare devil, and easily 30 pounds, the kid is going to be the next Meyer family pro football player. Sociable, easy going, and LOVES to talk to anyone.  Right now, it seems he got his momma's personality.

My blog will be my ramblings, and mainly about my life. 
Life as a wife, a mom, an event planner, and a DIYer. Enjoy...