DIY of the week..Project #2 from the floral arranging class

Published on 11.24.2009 in ,

Christmas hit my Holiday Floral Arranging class.

Our second project was a wall hanging/swag for Christmas.

We used fake greenery and I discovered that I love it. The greenery is perfect for adding elements because it already has wire built in. No floral tape and no floral wire needed. Woohoo!

On top of adding holly and a "Christmas" poinsettia, we also added a our very own homemade velvet ribbon.

Uh, yea, never again. Ribbons, yes, but they'll need to be wired. WAY easier.

 The reds in the poinsettia and the red in the velvet don't mesh. I'm planning to replace the poinsettia with a "white" one to make the components more complementary.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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