My evolution of decorating...

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I've been trying to decorate the wall in my entryway since we moved in.

It's the first thing I see as I walk up our stairs from the basement, and it's the wall I see as I walk from the garage/kitchen to the rest of the house.

Needless to say, I see the space a lot.

Doesn't look like much...

Fourth of July weekend, Engineering Man's grandma took me out shopping at the local craft fair and bought me a bench.

Perfect fit...but something was off.  I started changing the space.

To highlight why EM hates watching me decorate...here is every thing I tried in the span of 30 minutes.

Quilt on bench...


Decided the quilt was the wrong red.  The bench/quilt were clashing...

Tried the new American flag I'd gotten on the quilt rack.


Tried the sign that had been above our door where the quilt rack was.

WAY too bland...

Tried the quilt rack by itself as a mirror.

Not bad...still a little bland.

Different quilt.

Better quilt.  Still not right though...missing something on bench.

Stole wreath from nearby end table.

Now we're getting somewhere...

Put quilt I liked on bench.

Um...well...OK, still not right.

Moved quilt slightly at an angle.

Yea...that's a no.

Refolded quilt so only the inside blocks show.

Ding...ding...ding...I think we have a winner.

Yes...I am this anal with everything I decorate. Yes...Engineering Man will accept your sympathy.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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