Remember when...

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Being back at mom & dad's has brought back random memories. 

For instance...my grandmother (my mom's mom) lives about 15 minutes from my parent's house.  We would go see Grandma L on weekends.  Apparently this tradition didn't change after us kids left the house, so Friday night mom, dad, the boys & I took off for Grandma's for the evening.

Getting back in the car to head home made me remember something I did as a little kid. 

Even though dad used to start the car, it was SO cold when we'd leave.  I was also tired and grumpy (because it was usually past my bedtime).  So I'd pull my arms into my coat, pull my head down below the collar, and then put my hood over the top.  I'd then pretend I was Oscar the Grouch and would be hiding in my trashcan.  Inevitably, I would either fall asleep, pretend to fall asleep, or pop out because of a loss of clean oxygen in my coat. 

Wow...I was a weird kid.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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