Four years ago today...

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...I met you for the first time.

I never went into labor.  I was induced, and barely felt a contraction before your heart rate dropped.  The doctor didn't like how it was progressing.  Your dad and I decided that before things got too crazy, and you were still healthy and somewhat happy, that we'd go ahead with a C-section.  

Now, we never quite knew why your heart rate dropped.  The doctor thinks you were holding your own cord.  Your dad and I thought that you wanted your face to be pretty for pictures.

I now know you were just showing your flair for the dramatic.

One last thing...
I still remember that the very first thing I noticed about you was the same thing I first noticed about your father...your lips...

I love you Mini #1.  Happy Birthday!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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