Friday's Favorites...a Golden Time...

Published on 6.24.2011 in

Today the boys and I head south...for good.

This past week I've been reflecting on our time here...and Mrs. K was right.

Living with my parents has been a Golden Time.

It's been great exposing the boys to life on a farm. 

My favorite parts:
  • Mini #1 no longer screams when a bug lands on him.  Instead...he'll pick up a frog and laughs as he gets peed on.
  • He knows what an anhydrous tank is.
  • He calls himself a "farm kid."
  • Mini #2 loves riding the 4-wheeler.
  • His favorite animal sound is "Moo."
  • I was able to share with both boys a few of the things I did when growing up...attending my old grade school, throwing rocks over the rickety bridge, walking up to great grandma's, catching lightning bugs, and most importantly looking at the stars.

I hope the boys always remember the time they've spent here.  I know I will.

And now...on to the next chapter.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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