DIY of the week...dino cake...

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I like to think that I'm crafty. 

When it comes to cakes...not so much.  That's my sister.  She's fabulous and has always done the boys' cakes.  Heck, even with Mini #2 I got off the hook because a girlfriend stepped in with the awesome Very Hungry Caterpillar cake...

Unfortunately, Mini #1's birthday snuck up on us.  So, I decided to diy one myself.

I started by googling "dinosaur cake", and came across this listing.  I figured I could finagle it to fit with what I wanted.

So, I made three round cakes.  

Cut one in half and placed the two halves together to make the body...and cut another into a crescent to make the tail and the neck.

And then, well, then I just started chopping pieces until I was happy.  Seriously...I have no idea how I did this, but here's a pic of the head, neck and legs...

...and the head from the back...

I did a quick crumb coat over it all...

...and then decorated with appropriate star tips, chocolate chips and graham crackers...

Thoughts?  Besides the fact that it looks like an alligator with crazy scales on its back??  What cakes have you diy'd from a regular cake pan??

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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