35 things I've already done... (and some I never thought I'd do...)

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I'm working on my bucket list...you know, the 100 things you want to do before you die.

Reflecting on what I want to do has made me realize what I've already done.

So, without further ado...35 things I've already done.

1.  Got my degree.
2.  Got married.
3.  Am a mother.
4.  Own a home.
5.  Live outside of my home state of Kansas.
6.  Have a passport.
7.  Worked in the real world.
8.  Worked at home.
9.  Studied the Bible more.
10. Went to a Kansas Sweet Sixteen game.
11. Was in Cowboys Stadium.
12. Know the difference between crops.
13. Use a corn crib roof as a slide.
14. Be an aunt.
15. Live with my parents as an adult.
16. Live in Texas.
17. Own three houses before 30.
18. Have a miscarriage.
19. Sew curtains for our living room.
20. Figure out my design aesthetic...eclectic...if you were wondering.
21. Make money doing a hobby - crocheting.
22. Do cloth diapering.
23. Be a photographer.
24. Do P90X.
25. Do ministry "officially" for my church.
26. Go to Costa Rica.
27. Go ziplining.
28. Coach a softball team.
29. Visit Billy Bob's in Texas.
30. Have a new favorite store...IKEA!
31. Be in a car accident.
32. Play softball when pregnant...20 weeks, with Mini #2.
33. Have my dream job at 25....Commencement at WSU
34. Build a house.
35. Work in ministry.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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