DIY of the week...license plate art

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I've had one wall in my basement that's above Mini #1's toys that I have had major problems decorating.  It's not a well lit corner and is a long skinny space.  Because of the placement, above the toys, I haven't wanted to hang anything heavy, just in case it does fall, or if the mini ones decide to start banging on it.

My grandmother-in-law has the same taste as I in decorating (ecclectic/antique/country) and I told her my idea for using license plates as wall art. 

Ever since I told her, Grandma N has been on the hunt for license plates.  Needless to say, I got just the start I needed for Christmas from her.  And...appropriately enough, she found old Kansas and Nebraska license plates to match my Husker/Jayhawk theme in the basement.

To minimize the holes in the wall, Engineering Man told me to tie the plates together.  Basically this dropped the number of holes by half.

I used the screw holes in the plates, and fishing line to hold  the piece together.

Basically creating a web, and a way to "add" to the collection by just tying other plates to the bottom of the second row.
Definitely better than the blank canvas wall it was before.
Thanks Grandma!!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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