To three of my Wichita girls...

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Last Thursday was not a good day.

I missed my friends.

I know that sounds very childish, but being a home with the boys means that I have more time to think about what and who I'm missing by living in Texas.

So, as an ode to my favorite women, and to hopefully help them understand everything they have taught me...

You've reminded me what growing up felt like, and made me realize how perspective changes everything. 

You've taught me that cowboys are cool and you HAVE to help me pick out a new pair of cowboy boots.  I need a pair to be a true Texan. 

You've showed me the power of patience and given me insight into parenting a teenager.  ;)

And...hopefully someday you'll give me the opportunity to plan that peacock wedding of yours. 

Finally, I want you to always remember that you truly are "sissy" and always will be the big sister the minis never had.

You've helped me embrace my curly hair and love every minute of having it.

You've shown me how great friends do whatever for their friends, including driving 6 hours in a car with their children.

You've reminded me what being 21 is, and have shown me that I can party like a rock star, but there's no way I'm bouncing back from it like I did when I was 21.

You've helped me understand how boys can be really stupid.  I mean really, really stupid.

And finally, you've shown me that special bonds can cross blood lines, and are instead found through identical birthmarks. :)

Mrs. P:

Oh Mrs. P.  I don't even know where to begin.

You've shown me the importance of having a friend that knows everything...and understands when you just randomly break down.

You've shared in my hatred of pregnancy and love of c-sections.

You've shown me that great friends are made of love and understanding...that the days that stuff is horrible are the days your friends are there for you.

You've helped me to understand that some people just don't know how some of that mom crap works.

You've been my rock when I needed it.

You've been my drinking buddy when I've needed that too.

You've known exactly when I've needed a hug.

You've known exactly when I've needed a beer.

You've commiserated with me.

You've humored me by talking to me on the phone.

You've taught me the patience I need to be a good mother to my 3-year-old.

You've taught me that it is OK to have mommy time...especially when the 3-year-old has tested my patience beyond what's normal.

You've taught me that there is no normal.

You've given me encouragement and had confidence in my ability to take up photography.  

And most importantly, you helped me to embrace being a stay at home mom and take the leap to do just that. 

I love and miss all of you and will never forget what you've done for me and my family.  

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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