Wednesday's brain dump...

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My life is crazy.

Since June it seems that it hasn't ended.

And it seems now, it's not going to for at least another 7 months.

Here's a running tally of what's happened so far...

  • Engineering Man was dealing with uncertainty of his job in Wichita.
  • Engineering Man was presented the opportunity to apply for a position in Fort Worth.
  • Three months later he gets called to fly to Fort Worth for an interview.
  • Six weeks later he finds out he got the job and he started the end of September.
  • We paint the inside of the house, do general clean up, stain the deck, put in new carpet, and do miscellaneous fixes to get the house on the market.
  • House went on the market.
  • We went house hunting in Fort Worth.
  • EM moved to Fort Worth while I stayed in Wichita with the boys.
  • EM started a new job.
  • We went house hunting again and put an offer down on a house.
  • Our Wichita house had LOTS of showings and open houses. 
  • I quit my job.
  • I became a stay at home mom.
  • I watched as three guys packed our house and put it into storage. 
  • We spent a week traveling around northern kansas and nebraska to visit the great grandparents.
  • We talked a friend into painting our living room to make it presentable for showing! :)
  • We moved to Fort Worth, into an apartment, with almost no actual belongings. 
  • We put Texas tags on our vehicles and got Texas drivers licenses. 
  • I found a great library.
  • I found a great park.
  • We found an AMAZING church and found an even better bible study group.
  • We started bonding with family that we never knew we could be so close to.
  • I missed my friends.  (scratch that, miss...)
  • I started making friends.  (Shout out to my play date mommies)
  • We hadn't sold our house so we started to look for renters.
  • Our homeowners insurance threatened to pull our insurance since no one was living in it.
  • and then...
And it all seemed to fall into place.

Except, now...this is the next 7 months...
  • Engineering Man will be leaving for Oklahoma to do the second half of his officer's training...from January through May.
  • Because of this...and other reasons...we've lost the house we put an offer in on here in Fort Worth.
  • Since EM will be gone, and I really don't know many people here, and we don't have a house, I'll be moving in with my parents in January.
  • And yet, we need a place to live in December.
  • Right now I'd like to thank those family members mentioned above for their amazing hospitality...we'll be crashing their spare bedroom from Thanksgiving until Christmas. 
  • All of our belongings will go to storage.
  • Mini #1 will go to preschool where I went to grade school. 
  • Engineering Man still has his job here so we'll be moving back down in June.
  • We'll need to find a house in Fort Worth.
  • We'll be anxiously awaiting the closing of our house in Wichita.
  • And who knows what God has in store for tomorrow... 
Again...my life is in turmoil and everything is crazy.

It seems that nothing will be normal for a VERY long time.  

Welcome back stress!

And yet...everything was put into perspective last Friday at Bingo.

The fundraiser was for a kidney transplant for a girl in our church.  She has a genetic disorder that has caused her kidneys to shut down.  Her and her family have to drive to Houston to see the doctor because of their insurance.  Every night as she sleeps she does kidney dialysis for 10 hours.  She does it as she sleeps so that she can lead a semi-normal life during the day.  And this is all she knows, because...

...she's 2.

Thank you dear God for providing my family with healthiness, happiness, and each other. 

Everything else is just details.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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