DIY season trade of the week...

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April is right around the corner (ugh...I know, right?), which means a new MANTEL!

In preparation, I decided to diy a quick wreath change yesterday.

I grabbed a fall wreath from last year and also some forsythia bush branches that I randomly picked up for free from my old job.  I can't remember why, but they were going to throw them out, so I confiscated them. 

Anyway, I took out all the fall stuff, put it in a bag and put it away with the rest of my random decorations.  

Then, I took the forsythia, and placed them through the grapevine wreath just along one side of the wreath.

Stay tuned next week for the mantel reveal.  After I get it done...  :)

What about you all?  What random switches have you done to your own home decor for the "spring" season?

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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