Thursday Things I Never Thought I'd Hear...

Published on 3.29.2012 in

I had to take Mini #1 to the doctor this week.  He had an ear infection.

While there I had to also make a well-child appointment for him.  He needs four shots before he can enroll in kindergarten next week.

He doesn't like shots.

"Mom...I don't want to get shots."

"Well, if you want to go to kindergarten, you're going to have to get shots.  I know you don't like them.  Papa doesn't either."

"But Papa has to get shots too, right?  And he has to go to the doctor too, right?"

"Yes, sometimes he does."

"Yea, he does 'cause he's OLD!  Right momma?"


"Don't tell him I said that, k?"

Sorry buddy...that one was just too good."

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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