DIY of the week...Engineering Man's scarf

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Shortly before Christmas I finally got fed up with Engineering Man's scarf.

Now mind you, EM had been an absolute sweetheart because I made that scarf, and never once asked for a new one.  I did a REALLY crappy job, but he continued to wear it with no complaint.

God bless him.

But...I finally got tired of looking at it every time I saw him walk out of the house.

I put my crocheting skills to work, and created a new one.

EM and I hit up Hobby Lobby and picked out a new skein of yarn.  Two to be exact because of the size of scarf he wanted.

I've learned over the years, the less fuzzy the yarn, the easier it is to actually follow a pattern.

And now here's the tutorial.

I did a simple double crochet stitch to create his scarf.

To start, create a slip knot on the end of the string, and place your crochet hook through the loop.

If you're right handed, loop the yarn around your pinkie finger and over your index finger like so...

While holding the end of the yarn (the part behind the slip knot loop), put the hook through the loop...

...grab the yarn with the hook, and pull through to create a single stitch...

(This is what it looks like after you've completed 5 single stitches.)

Repeat. A lot.  I think I made EM's scarf about 250 "single" stitches across.  The best way to check length is to have the wearer put the single strand around his/her neck.  Please note that the length will stretch slightly as you work on the piece.

When you reach the desired length, turn, or in other words, flip the way you're moving across the yarn.  If you're right handed, the strand of single stitches should go from being on your right to being on your left.

Then, start in the first stitch not on your hook and do a double crochet. Start by "hooking" the yarn once...

...then put your hook through the first stitch not on your hook, hook another stitch and pull through two of the three "hooked" strands on your hook...

...you should end up with something like this...

...hook another stitch and then pull through the final two "hooked" strands to get this...

You've just completed your first double crochet!  Don't you feel special.

Repeat this step with each remaining "single" stitch you have created, or about 249 times.

Once you reach the end of the row, do a single stitch in the last double crochet to "lock" the row, then turn again, and repeat the double crochet row.

And repeat again...(notice a theme here). 

Basically, keep repeating your double stich row until you reach the desired thickness.  EM's scarf was about 8 double crochet rows wide.

The best part about learning the single and double crochet is that most patterns actually go off a form of using the single and double crochet stitches.  You can also, if you like to get creative, make your own pattern.

I've tried my own pattern...using fuzzy fabric.  Let's just say it didn't work well.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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