DIY of the week...stepping stones

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This DIY was actually finished a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't actually post it until now because it was a Christmas gift for the grandparents!

My sister-in-law had the brilliant idea of making stepping stones for my parents for Christmas.

So, off to Hobby Lobby (or as Mini #1 calls it Lobby Wobby) to find the stuff.

We came home with the following...

...and no idea what we were doing.

I separated the mix into two separate batches.

Engineering Man and Mini #1 started by adding a cup of water to the mix and stirring it in.

They continued to add water until the mix was the consistency of sour cream (yep, that's straight off the directions.)  Then, they poured it into the mold.

Next was Mini #1's time to get dirty.

Engineering Man helped...
Then, Mini #1 decorated with the colored stones as he saw fit.

Sometimes the stones went in a little further than they should have and had to be stacked...

My anal retentive nature had to be surpressed, and in the end, the result really was a creative endeavor for Mini #1.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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