DIY of the week...revamping the baby's room

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I have a gorgeous crib that my brother-in-law built for Mini #1 that we're going to use again for Mini #2.  Unfortunately, it's slightly bigger than conventional cribs, so "normal" bedding won't fit.

Last time, mom sewed a crib set for me, but it's not real "fluffy" (her words).  My sister gave me her set, and Sunday I discovered that with a little bit of creative engineering, it works on the crib.

Unfortunately, it didn't match my color scheme in the baby's room.

Yes, I can be anal sometimes.

So, last minute on Sunday night I decided I was going to repaint one of the stripes in Mini #2's room.

And yes, before you ask, I am 34 weeks pregnant.

Here's the before shots...

(yes, that's a frappacino.  I didn't sleep well Sunday night.  And yes, Mini #1 rather enjoyed helping me tape...)

Here's the "in progress" shot...

And here's the after...

Still need some artwork and some accessories...and I'm also thinking about a side table by the rocker with a lamp for night time nursing.  Thoughts?

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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