Friday's Favorites...Etsy

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Engineering Man has been dressing up more for work lately.  Basically, what this has translated to is more ties, and a noticeable absence of tie tacks in his dresser drawers.

Lightbulb moment: I decided to find him a tie tack for Valentine's Day.

Now, mind you, the reason my basement is KU/Nebraska is because EM happens to like the Cornhuskers.  First thought: Cornhusker tie tack in silver; he already has two gold ones.

Think I'd be able to find a Cornhusker tie tack? Ha!

So, my next thought was something up his alley...like an airplane, military something or other, basically anything that would fit his personality.

And then, I hit gold at an Etsy shop titled violetsnewvintage...

The shop owner creates handmade tie tacks from vintage electrical circuit boards.

Yep, that's right...EM can now sport his ultra geeky nature along with his ties.

Here's to hoping he thinks they're as geeky sheek as I do.

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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