Tuesday's DIY of the week...

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Went shopping Saturday to pick up the wedding present.

Got home...wrapped the present...and realized I didn't buy a card.


DIY to the rescue.

For some odd reason, I've kept our wedding cards.

Five years later, I believe this is the firs time I've looked at them since we received them.


So, I took one...and started cutting.

Here's what I started with...

...sparkly pens
...a purple sheet of paper
...a "slightly used" wedding card
...clear photo corners
...a pair of scissors

I started by cutting apart the card, and cutting a piece of purple paper to fit on the back of the card...

Then, I further cut apart the card to put the other half of the "heart" on the side of the purple paper that would be facing out...

(insert picture of a few more step-by-step instructions here)

And then finally put it all together...

You can see the photo corners (or sort of fuzzy lines around the extra white around the smaller heart and the purple  paper.

I finished it off by a small note of well wishes  for the couple.

Look:  Happy package!

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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