DIY of the week... a new front entry

Published on 10.09.2012 in

When I couldn't use the garage (don't ask) we started using the front door.

This led to a major issue of bookbags and shoes and well, everything that seemed to come with using the front door (and...a front door that doesn't have a hall closet.....) :/

Anyway, I already had a great sign there, but knew that a pair of hooks and a storage bench would be fantastic additions. 

The hooks were an easy IKEA buy. The bench was a different story.  Our front door has side windows that go very low. Also, the area from the wall to the door hinges is not a "standard" size.  :/
So...I went and bought this...

...flipped it over and made it into a bench.  :)
Not only was it cheaper than the usual storage benches, but it fits perfectly. 

Have you ever used a furniture item in a different way??

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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