Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Published on 10.03.2012 in

Mike Glenn, pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church, and a presenter at last week's D6 conference I attended told a story.
He told us about how he was speaking to a group of teenagers from everywhere across the Nashville community.
He had told them that his favorite show was "Antiques Roadshow."  He loved the people that walked in with some random thing they thought was worth nothing, but then the expert would break out the white gloves, turn the object upside down, show the person who brought the object in the signature and say, "You have an original!!"
He had then turned to the teenagers and told them, "I wish I could turn you upside down.  Show you the mark that God has made on you, and let you know that YOU are an original masterpiece."
I came home, and told my children this immediately.  Tell your children.  Tell your spouse.  Tell everyone that God has chosen them. 

My boys don't share, but if you want to...

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